A simple energy

saving solution

Office Wide uses e-Green technology to manage the energy your building uses in a simpler and smarter way.

The system is designed to manage all aspects of energy use and consumption on one integrated platform. Energy saving is achieved through the design and installation of an e-Green system that ties together electrical, lighting, water, gas and HVAC systems, optimising energy consumption and minimising running costs.

Office Wide seeks to create win-win scenarios by empowering customers with the technology to reduce energy consumption, lower overheads and make a sustainable difference to the environment.

We use technology to help you optimise the way you use energy and reduce your running costs.

Office Wide offers advanced solutions that are proven to help reduce energy and water consumption and our Automatic Meter Reading systems offer real-time monitoring.

Our turnkey approach means that we implement complete systems that are able to offer results right from the start.

Save Water and Protect Assets

Office Wide a solution around the mitigation of risk when it comes to burst pipes and leaks. We offer GEP, a Water Flow Monitoring, Flood Reducing, Geyser Element Protection, Geyser Timer and Notification Device

Let’s save Energy.

The planet needs all the help it can get and saving energy begins with each and every one of us. If we all do our part we can make a difference to the environment. Office Wide can help you use no more energy than you actually need, no matter the size or shape of the building, allowing you to optimizing your energy efficiency.

Water Flow Monitoring:

When WATER LEAKS out of a pipe, Pressure Valve is faulty or burst or a Tap is left open, GEP Monitors the Water Flow from 1L/Min. The unit picks up the smallest of leaks and indicates on the Keypad. After a set time in HOME or SLEEP/AWAY Mode the unit switches the water OFF. This helps with reduced water cost in the end of the day.

Flood Reducing:

With the monitoring of THE WATER Pipes, Pressure Valves and Open Taps when open the water switches OFF. The unique Drip tray Sensor for the Geyser monitors if there is water and if it detects water switches the water OFF immediately.

Geyser TIMER:

Once our technology is in place, you will be saving energy and money in no time.


When a Water Alarm or No Power condition occurs at the installed property, the Owner gets a message to notify them of these actions by receiving a SMS on their CELL PHONES from the GSM installed into the unit. The Owner can send certain commands to the unit to perform while they are not at Home.

Save Money

Once our technology is in place, you will be saving energy and money in no time.

Energy efficiency is not only about saving energy, it’s about saving money too. The short term cost of an energy efficient system is easily outweighed by the long term savings, and is money well spent. Cutting costs on energy bills can make a substantial difference to cash flow. Cost savings of up to 40% can be realized, freeing up resources that can be used elsewhere in business and household budgets.


No need to have a “Turn Off the Lights” notice by the door or next to the light switch. Our technology is designed to do exactly that, and much, much more. With our solution, you can conveniently operate all connected circuits on one system; lights, geysers, HVAC systems, electrical appliances, the level, flow and temperature of water systems, as well as security – making it possible to reduce your energy consumption. Whether it is for a refurbished or a new build, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach with us. The system can be tailor-made to meet your precise needs.