Professional Pest Control

To protect your image and brand

Pest problems can happen even in most modern offices and may cast doubts about levels of hygiene resulting in staff or visitors feeling extremely uncomfortable. The possibility of financial loss due to material damage, particularly to electrical or computer wiring is a very real one, whilst your brand image could also suffer.

Our teams of professional pest control technicians have extensive experience of the many ways in which pests can enter your buildings due to the high numbers of staff, visitors and deliveries each day. In the modern office there are many places pests can hide, such as suspended ceilings, raised computer floors, catering facilities and boiler or plant rooms. You need a professional company with the capability to find and deal with all pests quickly and effectively.

Our technical pest control and prevention teams will provide cost effective professional advice to give you the assurances you need. Our holistic commercial pest control and prevention solutions will ensure a greater level of protection for your business. Our integrated pest management plan is supported by audit services and detailed management information and regular reporting to ensure that we keep corporate environments pest free and safe. Our specialists will work together with you to provide advanced audit reports on premises, including extensive legislative documentation.

Rodent Control

Rodents on your premises are a serious business. Not only can they cause serious illness to you and your customers, but they could close your business down and irretrievably damage your reputation.

Our rodent control solutions provide protection from the risks of contamination, spread of disease and material damage these pests cause. Services include pulse baiting systems and the very latest tamper-resistant bait stations for internal and external use.

Regular inspections are also carried out so as to detect early signs of a reoccurrence and take immediate preventative steps.

Insect Control

Cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, termites, moths or other insects can cause havoc in your business and result in lost customers. Insect infestation may cause the rejection of consignments of goods, halting of production and product recall. Our extensive experience can help you prevent business disaster. Services include monitor boards, pheromone lures and insecticidal treatments.

Flying Insects

Flying insects transmit a host of dangerous disease causing organisms which contaminate our food through their saliva, excreta and via the hairs on their bodies.

We offer a range of different fly killing models, all of which can be wall-mounted or suspended from the ceiling depending on your requirements. Fly screens and electric fly killers are also available.