At your premises

Office Wide offers an eco-friendly Car Wash Service at your premises for your fleet designed to meet the needs of all organisations. In the business world presentation is everything. Employees and business vehicles are a reflection of the organisation and so they should shine!

Our corporate car is offered at great rates per wash. We allow not only staff members belonging to your organisation, but also visitors and tenants as well, to experience our wonderful and environmentally friendly corporate car wash service at their convenience, and a great and efficient way to save time during the day.

Corporate fleet of vehicles are a vital part of your daily business and are important to your overall success. Whether it’s sales or service the vehicles you own and control are a reflection on your organisation. Most organisations today go to great lengths to insure that their vehicles are operating safely on the road, but many forget about the outward appearance of the vehicle and the role it plays in the customer’s overall perception of the company, its ownership and employees. At Office Wide, we know how important a clean vehicle is to your business and thus we offer a Fleet Wash Service that’s flexible, easy to manage & control while ultimately providing a great wash for your company fleet.