Access control systems

Precise knowledge of the assets owned by your organisation and the ability to track their movement and condition is vital for effectively managing risk and maintain accurate accounting.

Our partnership with a leading software specialist allows us to offer a complete asset management solution in order to manage assets throughout their entire lifecycle beginning with the tagging of all assets using barcodes and building a database. This process can be integrated with systems such as SAP and Oracle. Our teams undertake periodic auditing, capturing data through PDAs to increase productivity and reduce paperwork. Reports are produced automatically and the results can be accessed online through a secure log in.

Asset Tracking System

This asset management system brings a range of benefits including maintenance recording, location hierarchies, cost centre hierarchies and determination of depreciation, all of which is crucial for effective accounting as well as lease control.

Asset Verification and Asset Auditing

Our teams develop inventories, meticulously recording every asset using hand-held data terminals and giving each a unique barcode to produce and maintain an accurate asset register. The register, in spreadsheet format, contains detailed information on the description, quantity and condition of each asset.